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A bit of housekeeping.

 Hey y'all. Wow. It's been a while since I've posted something on here. I think the last thing I posted was over three months ago (not counting Writer's Block questions).

A lots gone down in the past few months. I've transfered schools, am currently in the process of changing majors and have made a number of new friends a long the way. With all these changes going on I've decided to organize a few things both in my real life and my online one. So, if you've been lurking around here for awhile and interested in whatever the hell it is I do, here's a quick guide in all the different accounts I have:

deviantArt: All things art related. Drawings, photography, graphics, etc.

Dreamwidth: Writing, including original and fanfiction.

 All fandom related things. Reactions posts, squeeing, fangirling, icons, fanarts (fanworks may also x-posted with my devArt account). Also some real-life stuff that will be friends only.

 Everything else. Opinionated rants on all things in the media. Books, movies, television, music, news, politics, etc. 

My LJ and WP will probably be updated more frequently than my DA and DW accounts (although no posts have been made on the WP account yet). I will try my best to update all things at least once a week.