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Sooo, this episode... (*sigh*) it was ok, I guess. *shrugs* It was amusing, it didn't move the plot of the season forward whatsoever. But all in all, a good filler ep. I especially enjoyed the first five minutes (LOL, and I bet Jared did too), however I did have one (or two) MAJOR issue with this ep...


Like every other fangirl When I read the spoilers for this episode I was SO FUCKING EXCITED. Finally, after months of getting shitty episodes entirely based off resembling shit fanfiction, I would have my body swap ep. I would get my angsty!Dean and my horny!Sam, but alas... I did not. D:

And while I thought that the plot was actually pretty fucking funny (and NGL, that kid was kinda awesome) I was still dissapointed, and honestly, I might've liked this episode better if they had gone the more traditional body swap root, having Gary(? was that his name?) ack like Sam and Sam acting like Gary. Not that it wasn't hilarious watching Sam wearing a RIDICULOUSLY puffy blue vest (with a horizontally blue and black striped shirt no less), but c'mon, you know that episode would've been RIDIC with Jared acting like an angsty, horny teen. He would've had SO MUCH fun with that.

As for problem No.2, MY GOD, how long did it take Dean to figure out that kid wasn't Sam? JFC, are you serious! In "Skin," it took Sam all of TWO SECONDS to figure out that shapeshifter wasn't Dean. Not that Dean didn't expect something was up, but it took for-FUCKING-ever for him to finally confront the guy. I mean, all of the cell phones they had disappear and Dean didn't say ONE THING. OMFG... (okay, okay, breath, Brittt, it's just a show) *sigh* just, ugh... in short, I was disappointed with the way Dean was written in this ep. I mean, have we forgotten "Hunted?" Dean BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF (or at least tried to) Gordon when he took that shot at Sam.

*shakes head* I miss the good 'ol days. :p

And as for next week's preview:
I DON'T GET IT. Why does Anna have to kill BOTH Mary and John? She couldn't just kill one? I mean, a lone penis or vagina does not a Dean or Sam Winchester make. I mean if I was an angel and I went back into time to prevent someone from being born, I'd just kill ONE of their parents (but that's just me, and killing two people IMO is just too much work, why not make the load easier, right?). Better yet, why not just give John a ~magical~ vasectomy? Hmm? See? PROBLEM SOLVED.


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Jan. 30th, 2010 04:33 pm (UTC)
I always LOL at your delightful rants, m'dear.
Also, magical vasectomy, for the win. I just want to hear JDM yell "IT'S LIKE I'M SHOOTING BLANKS"

Love you!!!
Jan. 31st, 2010 05:06 am (UTC)
"IT'S LIKE I'M SHOOTING BLANKS." LMAO. Krystal, I fucking love you. Seriously, Kripke should get US to write the episodes.
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